Participants of IPMS

The IPMS is attended each year by 30 to 45 carefully selected participants from around the world. Participants are senior professionals and managers from government, business, international organizations and NGOs. Selection is on the basis of professional experience, geographic and sector distribution to assure a participant mix that optimizes cross-cultural and cross-sector learning. Each year 3 participants from the previous program are invited as Associate Faculty members.


The alumni pages contain a listing of the names and contact details of the professionals who attended IPMS. Several lists have been created to enable people to get connected and to make good use of the SCF network:


Finally, we intend to create thematic lists, that group persons working on similar topics. Here we ask for your help and input. Please let us know which thematic lists you would like us to create and in which lists you want to be included.

Until now the following topics have been suggested:

  • Agriculture
  • Economics and Sustainable Development
  • Energy
  • Forestry
  • Industry
  • Law & Sustainable Development
  • Transport
  • Waste
  • Water Management

We would also appreciate any other advice you can give us to make this section of the SCF Website more useful for you. We like to hear from you at

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