This program is to serve as a vital stepping-stone in intellectual and professional growth for participants. It helps shape participants’ diplomatic skills and exposes them to the crucial role that diplomacy plays in day-to-day environmental negotiations and management, in global environmental politics, in European environmental politics, in environmental advocacy, in institutional management, in environmentally sensitive private sector investments, and in multi-lateral and transboundary negotiations on environmental and natural resource issues. By looking at foreign policy through a sustainability lens, participants learn of the role that global natural resources play in national and international security, business relations, development and humanitarian issues, trade politics and economic booms and busts.

At the conclusion of this intensive two-week executive training, participants are able to:

  • Reproduce key empirical knowledge with regard to central issues in Sustainable Development Diplomacy (SDD) (e.g. climate change, biodiversity & biosafety, forests, desertification, environment & trade, food security, water);
  • Understand and apply key theories and concepts in SDD, as discussed in the academic and professional literature;
  • Understand the usefulness of diplomacy and apply diplomatic skills in day-to-day environment and resource management;
  • Diagnose the (potential) roles, perspectives and interests of key actors in SDD, including international organizations, the media, NGOs, the private sector and governments, and act upon these roles, perspectives and interests ‘diplomatically’;
  • Recognize their own diplomatic style, apply their style effectively or reshape their approach depending on a variety of scenarios or circumstances;
  • Understand the usefulness of case studies and simulations as a pathway for designing successful leadership strategies in resolving environment and resource crises or conflicts. 


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