Objectives & Program Design

Within the framework of the Capacity Building Programme of REC Turkey, the Sustainability Challenge Foundation developed the curriculum of the workshops in close collaboration with REC-Turkey.  

The programme design follows the curriculum of the International Programme on the Management of Sustainability (IPMS), organized in the Netherlands by SCF once a year.

The focus of the workshops is two-fold: first of all, participants learn about the mutual gains approach (MGA) to negotiation in relation to sustainable development, as taught during the IPMS.  Attention is paid to stakeholder and interest analysis, to creative problem solving and inventing options, and to the optimization of joint gains.  This part of the training concerns personal skills development and process design.

Secondly, the workshops focus on negotiation in the context of the European Union (EU). This part of the training looks at existing negotiation practices, institutions and recent developments in EU sustainable development policy and environmental action programs.

The training materials are selected in close collaboration with REC Turkey. 

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