The Capacity Building Programme of the REC Country Office Turkey strives to strengthen the capacity of the environmental stakeholders in legal, institutional and technical matters. Thus, through its Capacity Building Programme, the REC Turkey

  • contributes to the development of the capacity of central and local governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders in order to effectively manage the current environmental challenges in Turkey through technical and institutional capacity building trainings;
  • promotes and provides environmental education as the main tool for addressing environmental issues;
  • provides capacity-building and technical assistance to stakeholders through the European Union accession process in the field of environment.

Governmental institutions have a special importance among the target stakeholders, to whom the Capacity Building Programme offers a wide range of training programs, due to their increasing responsibilities in the EU accession process of Turkey in the environmental field. In this framework, activities under the Capacity Building Programme are developed and continuously adapted through identifying the capacity-building needs of the governmental institutions, specifically focusing on the aim of strengthening the required institutional capacities within this process. Developing the negotiation and lobbying skills of the environmental authorities is one of the most important topics among these capacity building activities.

Therefore, REC Turkey organizes a number of workshops entitled “Negotiation Skills for Sustainability in Light of EU Accession” with the technical cooperation of the Sustainability Challenge Foundation (SCF), addressing the Ministry of Environment and Forestry authorities. 

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