Sponsoring IPMS

Each year we need to find sponsors for participants who cannot afford the fee and their travel to the Netherlands.

There are different sponsoring options. A partnership grant allows an organization to send a participant and sponsor a second person from a developing or transition country.
If an organization pays two full fees, a third participant is accepted without an additional fee. Sponsoring can be accepted for specific individuals or as general support for organizing the IPMS.

 The minimum sponsoring contribution is 2.000 euro. To fully sponsor a participant, a contribution of 6.300 euro is required (plus travel expenses to the Netherlands).


If you have an interest in the approach to sustainable development taught at the IPMS as explained on this website, please be in touch so we can explore ways in which SCF training initiatives may serve the goals of your organization .  
You can download the Sponsor Committment Form here.

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