Objectives of IPMS

The objective of the International Programme on the Management of Sustainability (IPMS) is to train participants in the techniques of multilateral dialogue to resolve the conflicts that arise in the context of implementing sustainable development.

The IPMS teaches a mutual gains approach to negotiation. On the basis of role-playing exercises, lectures and discussion groups an integration of theory and practice is achieved that enables a dynamic, interactive learning process.

IPMS was designed in order to bring together the experience of scientists, civil servants, NGO leaders, politicians and business people, all of whom recognise the difficulties in using the concept of sustainable development as a dynamic process of permanent negotiation to achieve results in the traditional approaches for policy development.

The programme rests on the belief that, by empowering people with the skills to recognise conflicting interests, they can work toward solutions that are satisfactory for all stakeholders involved. The seminar is seen as one of the most prestigious gatherings in its field, and is the most important programme developed by the Sustainability Challenge Foundation (SCF), next to the regional and sectoral programmes, which take the debate on sustainable development back to developing countries. 

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